More than just an umbrella payroll solution

We are the chosen source of online payroll services and key strategic resource for some of the biggest companies in the world. More than your typical UK umbrella company, our partnerships are built on compliance, honesty, and a wealth of industry expertise.

By combining cutting-edge, HMRC-approved technology with an attentive approach and modest umbrella company fees, we ensure we are the best umbrella company for clients seeking straightforward, risk-free, and cost-effective engagements.

The accessibility and due diligence demonstrated by our online payroll services is unmatched by other umbrella payroll companies, providing our clients with total transparency and genuine peace of mind. Underpinning our umbrella payroll solutions is a suite of supplementary services, including strategic compliance and insurance, completing an all-embracing offering.

We pride ourselves on being a UK umbrella company that truly values its employees, for whom our rigorous processes guarantee fair tax treatment and full provision of rights, paving the way for continued, fruitful engagements.

  • Price Freeze
    At Orca Pay Group, we promise we will not revise our umbrella company fees until April 2022 at the very earliest, ensuring no nasty surprises for our clients.
  • QDos Insurance Products
    Our partnership with Qdos Insurance provides complete protection to our clients and contractors via a comprehensive range of insurance products, including all things IR35.
  • 24/7 support
    Underlining our commitment to our workforce, we provide all our employees with 24/7 access to confidential employee support.

Our guarantee

We provide a money back guarantee to all our contractors, offering compensation in the rare event that our service fails to meet the high standards that we have set for ourselves.

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The UK umbrella company where compliance comes first

What distinguishes Orca Pay Group from most umbrella payroll companies is our commitment to compliance. While we appreciate there are various industry accreditations, more than 50 years’ collective experience tells us that HMRC’s is the only opinion that matters.

This is why our entire service offering, from our online payroll services to our strategic resource, is designed to guarantee compliance, protecting our clients and contractors alike by making sure that the correct tax is paid on payments made.

By taking care of compliance, we ensure our clients can continue to engage contractors directly in a frictionless and risk-free manner while devoting more time to doing what they do best. Similarly, our processes guarantee that those on our payroll receive the fair tax treatment and requisite employment rights that many umbrella payroll companies fail to provide.

Embodying our compliance-led approach is The Apex, a pioneering umbrella payroll solution designed to protect contractor supply chains from the threat of the Off-Payroll rules. Negating the tax risk the debt transfer rules impose upon recruitment agencies and their end-clients, The Apex guarantees correct and compliant tax payments by undertaking a detailed compliance audit each time a payroll is run.

With further monthly audits conducted by specialist tax advisers, The Apex affords all parties complete protection, making it the ideal umbrella compliance and payroll solution for the modern .

    By operating a PAYE payment model that has been designed and approved by HMRC, we remove any danger of non-compliance resulting from questionable payment vehicles.
  • Holiday_PAY_logo
    Orca Pay Group’s employees can rest assured that they will receive every penny of holiday pay owed to them. This is a contractual guarantee that we undertake to ensure fair treatment of all our employees.
  • Right_to_Work
    We conduct comprehensive background checks, including checking every worker’s right to work in the UK, protecting the supply chain in relation to the Immigration Act 2016.
  • dbs2
    Orca Pay Group can provide full DBS checks to our clients within 48 hours upon request, supplementing a swift turnaround ensuring our contractors are on-site as soon as required.
  • dvla2
    Need to get a contractor on the road, quick? We provide full DVLA checks to our clients within one hour upon request.

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