About Orca Pay Group

Orca Pay Group is a specialist and experienced payroll company serving the needs of Contractors, Recruitment Agencies and Businesses alike. Our team has over 50 years’ experience, covering payroll, recruitment, tax advisory, accounting and finance. Every member of our growing team must share the same ethos of working in close partnership with all our clients to provide reliability, speed and ease of engagement by always maintaining the highest possible standards of professionalism.

"To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace. Always treat your employees, exactly as you want them to treat your clients. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

Meet the key players

Owen Mitchell

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Owen has in excess of 15 years working within the financial sector at Investment and Brokerage Houses in the City of London, responsible for the management of a team of Equity and Derivative traders. Owen subsequently left to set up his own Investment Fund, offering structured finance, trading and advisory services, specialising in Derivatives and Financial Markets. Owen then proceeded to set up his own Pension Fund which continues to operate successfully. From there, he further diversified to set up a Tax Advisory firm and eventually helped manage the sale as a successful going concern.

Robert Sharp

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Robert has over 13 years’ experience within the payroll industry having worked for some of the industry’s largest Payroll Companies. Having started with No Longer Limited in a Sales and Marketing capacity he helped transform this business from a turnover of £2 million to over £70 million, he then continuously moved up the ladder with various other Payroll Companies. As time has moved on within the Payroll Market Robert has set up Orca Pay Group believing that change is a fundamental movement within our industry and with the ever changing technology and legislation showing no signs of abating, ensures that Orca Pay Group will be a go to Strategic Partner as oppose to the age old service partner tag that has been synonymous with the payroll industry. Robert has direct links in to HMRC and also the Home Office where Orca Pay Group are currently helping to rewrite the current Right to Work in the UK legislation for commercial business.


Sean Goodwin

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Sean comes from an Investment Banking background. After graduating he spent 17 years in a Derivatives and Financing role with Tier 1 banks, mainly based in London, but also spending time in the US and Asia. Since taking a sabbatical from the city in 2015 to spend some time with his young family, Sean has co-owned and managed a tax advisory business and has recently managed the sale of that business. Sean is also a trustee and manager of a small pension fund, investing mainly in commercial real estate loans and trading in UK and European equities.

Robert Lipar

Office and Payroll Manager

Originally from Australia, Robert moved to the U.K. after finishing university and looking for more adventure in life. Robert has over 6 years of experience in office and payroll management and is currently furthering his knowledge by studying his CIPD Level 5 Certificate in HR Management. His passion for travel has taken him all over the globe exploring new and exciting places.

Aimee Parsons

Payroll Solutions Consultant

Aimee has over 3 years’ experience within payroll and has spent this time advising contractors on the most compliant payroll solution for each individual. Someone who is very honest to everyone she speaks to she has built some great relationships through maintaining that honesty, which has helped Orca Pay Group flourish.