How to identify a compliant umbrella company

3rd June, 2021

A combination of recent legislative changes and a damning report exposing widespread non-compliance in the umbrella company industry have underlined how crucial it is for recruitment agencies and their end-clients to secure their supply chains. But how do you identify a compliant umbrella company? Why agencies need to secure their supply chains The April 2021 […]

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What happened to freedom of choice for contractors?

20th May, 2021

Within a month of the Off-Payroll working rules being extended to the private sector, the draconian legislation has contributed to a further imbalance of power in the UK’s contracting sector. Having already prevented thousands of contractors from trading via their limited companies, the reform to IR35 has encouraged a worrying number of recruitment agencies and […]

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Why the Criminal Finances Act 2017 poses problems for non-compliant supply chains

5th May, 2021

Recruitment agencies that fail to take steps to secure their supply chains by preventing engagement in disguised remuneration schemes could risk prosecution under the Criminal Finances Act (CFA) 2017. What is the Criminal Finances Act 2017? The Criminal Finances Act, which was enacted in September 2017, renders “relevant bodies” criminally liable for failing to prevent […]

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Loan Charge APPG report should signal end of umbrella holiday pay malpractice

22nd April, 2021

The Loan Charge All-Party Parliamentary Group’s recent inquiry has revealed some shocking – as well as some less surprising – truths about the UK umbrella company industry. Loan Charge APPG report uncovers shocking truths How Contracting Should Work sought to understand the reality of contracting in the UK, with the widespread mis-selling of ‘disguised remuneration’ […]

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Orca Pay Group partners with WTT Consulting to underpin payroll compliance solution

24th March, 2021

Orca Pay Group is delighted to announce a new partnership with award-winning tax advisers WTT Consulting, whose expertise will underpin The Apex, Orca Pay Group’s pioneering platform designed to ensure supply chain payroll compliance under the Off-Payroll rules. Recognised by The Contracting Awards as Best Legal, Compliance or Tax Adviser, WTT Consulting has a wealth […]

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What to expect from an Umbrella Company

30th March, 2020

Are you thinking about joining an umbrella company?  At Orca Pay Group we can help you. There are a lot of benefits to contractors who utilise a service like ours including a higher level of freedom. However, you might not be completely familiar with what an umbrella company is so let’s break it down.  What […]

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How to ensure you’re being paid compliantly

29th March, 2020

Contractors considering using an umbrella company must select a provider that matches their needs and, crucially, makes sure take home payments are correct and compliant. The extension of the Off-Payroll rules to the private sector has seen many recruitment agencies and end clients insert umbrella companies into their supply chains to process their payrolls and […]

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Off-Payroll Reform Postponed – What does this now mean for the gig economy?

18th March, 2020

Many off-payroll workers will be waking up this morning to the monumental news that Government at the 11th hour has decided to postpone the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform in the Private Sector. The original reform date was set to be implemented on 6th April 2020 and this will now take effect on 6th April 2021 as […]

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How being proactive with the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform can enhance your business and your brand!

10th November, 2019

So the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform enters the final 6 months before its implementation (albeit we have a General Election wedged in between this so who’s to say things may not change again?), and the doom and gloom that seems to always follow our industry (AWR, Public Sector Reforms all being the end of the contractor […]

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IR35 Reform – How much is your talent worth!

15th October, 2019

Blanket Decisions, Inside or Outside? What is the potential true cost to your business with the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform in the Private Sector? So we enter the final 6 months before the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform enters the Private Sector. Before we hit the nuts and bolts of this article I feel it prudent to point […]

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The Ever Changing Payroll Industry – Future Proofing your Business

18th June, 2019

A few weeks ago I walked in to a meeting with a potential new client. This client was and is a well-established recruitment agency with a turnover of more than £120 million per annum and multiple brands within different industries. Our meeting lasted an hour, and of this hour we spent 10 minutes actually talking […]

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IR35 win highlights continued failings of legislation

5th April, 2018

Attention remains firmly on IR35 following a construction contractor’s successful appeal in a First Tier Tax Tribunal last week. After concerning reports of The BBC’s and The NHS’ handling of IR35, this contractor’s victory over HMRC was welcome news in a month in which two of the UK’s most highly-regarded organisations look to have failed […]

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£7.3 Million in Fines for Illegal Workers – Recruitment Market now on Home Office Radar

18th December, 2017

With Brexit now appearing to be gathering pace and seemingly going to happen, The Right to Work in the UK has taken on more prominence then ever and during my meeting with a member of the Home Office Enforcement Team 10 days ago it now seems the Recruitment Market has come up on their radar. From April […]

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Will the Contractor Market be all change come April 2016?

13th October, 2016

Its certainly not a quiet time in the Temporary Workforce market at the moment, and more so for Payroll Companies like ourselves. I think it is fair to say that Contractors, Recruitment Agencies and Payroll Companies alike are now fully aware of the potential changes the Taxman wants to introduce come April 2016. In the last 4 […]

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What may change come April 2016?

29th January, 2016

As we have gained more clarity we have come to understand that everything centre’s around “SDC” or Supervision, Direction or Control. HMRC confirmed to us that in their proposed changes, if you’re a contractor who works through a recruitment agency, you are automatically going to be considered under Supervision, Direction or Control “SDC”. In turn this will mean that Travel and […]

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