What may change come April 2016?

29th January, 2016

As we have gained more clarity we have come to understand that everything centre’s around “SDC” or Supervision, Direction or Control. HMRC confirmed to us that in their proposed changes, if you’re a contractor who works through a recruitment agency, you are automatically going to be considered under Supervision, Direction or Control “SDC”. In turn this will mean that Travel and […]

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What did the Autumn Statement tell us?

29th November, 2015

Well the Autumn Statement finally arrived yesterday amid a very nervous market with many expecting the apocalypse to hit our industry! So what did the AS tell us? In reality not a great deal. It certainly wasn’t as Qdos Consulting gracefully put it, the “Bloodshed” many thought it would be. So first the good news. The Chancellor did not […]

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IR35 – Success or Disaster?

1st November, 2015

With the 25th November’s Autumn Statement fast approaching it seems the avalanche of hearsay and rumours shows no signs of slowing down. As always everything centres around IR35 and how best to depending on ones terminology enforce, administrate or police this ruling. No matter how many legislation changes have been made in the past, it seems […]

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