Recruitment Agency/Business

Orca Pay Group works with recruitment agencies and directly with businesses to support their company payroll requirements. Whether this is simply payrolling your contractors, implementing bespoke white-labelled payroll software (to enable you to run your payroll in-house) or ensuring you’re up-to-date with legislation such as The Right to Work in the UK, we are ideally positioned to support your business.

Our pricing is predictable, contractor pay is sent by Faster Payment rather than BACs and we also offer same day payments free of charge. In addition, we confirm by text (SMS) when contractors they have been paid to reduce unnecessary calls and anxiety.

Below is a small fraction of the key services and resources we provide to Recruitment Agencies and Businesses:-

  • Run Contractor Payroll
  • Specialise in CIS (Construction Industry Scheme), PAYE Umbrella and Payroll Bureau (For Those Businesses or Agencies that simply want their company payroll run)
  • Specialise in Construction, Healthcare, Education, Technology and Industrial Industries
  • Our software can currently payroll up to 100,000 individuals at any one time
  • HMRC Approved Payroll Solutions
  • Everything operated through HMRC RTI System
  • All Tax and National Insurance paid Directly to HMRC
  • Full Monthly Management Reports, including confirmation of paid Tax, NIC’s and VAT confirmed by HMRC
  • Bespoke White labelled payroll software for those looking to run inhouse payroll (In essence we can help you set up your own Payroll Company)
  • Mobile Optimised Payroll Software
  • Full Expertise and Guidance in Complex Issues such as The Right to Work in the UK, IR35, SDC, Intermediary Legislation to name but a few

Orca Pay Group has direct links to HRMC and The Home Office which enable us to be at the forefront of the market; ensuring we are always proactive in our dealings with our recruitment agency and business clients.  This is one of the many attributes that makes Orca Pay Group the best choice. 

To discuss how we may be able to help you please call 01934 807 750 or email and one of our expert team will help you.