How we ensure HMRC compliance, and more

To guarantee HMRC compliance, our practices include a host of measures designed to keep our engagements watertight and our clients and customers in the know. These include:

  • HMRC-designed payment models: We rigorously operate the PAYE umbrella and CIS payroll models, as designed by HMRC, leaving no scope for questionable payment practices.
  • HMRC-approved payroll software: Not only is our cloud-based payroll software accredited by HMRC, but it is also regularly enhanced to satisfy the evolving technical requirements of the payroll industry and the needs of relevant legislation, including the Off-Payroll working rules.
  • Further protection via regular compliance audits: In addition to conducting internal compliance audits each time a payroll is run, our payroll software is subject to monthly third-party compliance audits from award-winning tax specialists WTT Consulting, negating any remaining hint of tax risk for our clients.
  • Regularly reaffirming your compliance: Each month, in addition to full RTI and HMRC payroll submissions, we provide our clients and contractors with comprehensive reports detailing the payment of all tax liabilities and employment rights entitlements, ensuring total transparency for all involved.
  • Contractually agreed compliance: By offering contractual guarantees regarding payment of holiday pay entitlement and the Apprenticeship Levy, we provide our umbrella employees with vital assurances that they will be treated fairly.
  • Your gateway to Government: Orca Pay Group has direct relationships with Government, including the Treasury, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and the Employment Agency Standards (EAS). By relaying the latest insights to our supply chains, we enable our clients to adhere to new compliance challenges, ensuring effective protection for all parties.
  • Share in our expertise: Regardless of whether you are a client of ours, we have an abundance of resources to inform your individual compliance efforts. These include Key Information Documents (KIDs), contracts of employment, and guidance covering IR35/Off-Payroll working rules, the Apprenticeship Levy and holiday pay.

We recognise that HMRC compliance should be a minimum requirement of any umbrella company, which is why we take extra steps to ensure transparent processes while enabling our clients to meet their legal obligations with ease. To learn more about how we can assist with your compliance challenges, whether you are a hiring business or recruitment agency, get in touch today.

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Our commitment to our employees

At Orca Pay Group, we recognise we would be nothing without our employees. This is why, as well as guaranteeing HMRC compliance, we go the extra mile to support our contract workers.

We have been active in ensuring fair treatment of contractors affected by the Off-Payroll rules and were the first umbrella company to pay our employees in line with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this, we lobbied Government to continue to support both umbrella companies and employees with the CJRS extension announced in November 2020.