Compliance Overview

Below is a snapshot of the audit process which was conducted on Orca Pay Group:

  • Full 100% PAYE Umbrella Payment Model
    (PAYE is the safest and most HMRC compliant payment model, as confirmed by HMRC themselves)
  • HMRC approved payroll software
    (Our cloud-based software is HMRC accredited and constantly developed to meet every changing legislation and technical requirement in the payroll industry)
  • Strategic partnerships with agency and end users
    (We pride ourselves on providing more than just umbrella and payroll services. We support the whole supply chain with clarity and transparency regarding legislation, compliance and working practices ensuring that all our clients and supply chain are best placed in the marketplace)
  • Annually audited by 2 of the top 4 accountancy firms on behalf of our clients
    (These audits are conducted to ensure that we have paid EVERY employee compliantly, including transparency on our PAYE, Tax and VAT payments, holiday pay due to employees as well as a full audit of on all other employments costs, such as Apprenticeship Levy)
  • Full RTI and HMRC monthly submissions
  • Legally ratified shared documents
    (We have provided several resources to contractors and businesses that are not always our clients to help them remain compliant. Whether these be a Key Information Document or Contracts of Employment, we are always willing to assist in matters of compliance)
  • 35 Years Industry expertise
  • Transparent approach to all business
    (We will provide full monthly reports on PAYE, Tax, VAT (quarterly), Holiday Pay payments to employees and other Employment Costs as standard)
  • Direct Contact into Government
  • Direct Contact into BEIS
  • Direct Contact into EAS
  • Full contractual guarantees on Apprenticeship Levy and Holiday Pay for all our employees within their Contracts of Employment.

Orca Pay Group actively produces monthly and quarterly reports to our clients with complete transparency showing PAYE, NICs, Apprenticeship Levy, Holiday Pay, Margin Reports, and VAT with real-time reporting from HMRC.  This is something the industry has been calling for, for many years and we are proud to be the first Umbrella Company to have listened and delivered this transparency.

Compliance is of the utmost importance. Orca Pay Group has direct relationships and connections into Government, The Treasury, BEIS, and EAS enabling us to maintain up to the minute knowledge, which we pass through to our supply chain, in turn ensuring up to date compliance and protection for all parties.

Orca Pay Group have been at the forefront of the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform, we were the first Umbrella Company to pay our employees in line with the Job Retention Scheme during the COVID-19 pandemic and have lobbied The Government to continue to support both employees and Umbrella Companies with the JRS extension announced in November 2020.

To discuss how Orca Pay Group can assist you, your Business, or your Recruitment Agency with any compliance-related legislation please contact us.