How being proactive with the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform can enhance your business and your brand!

10th November, 2019

So the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform enters the final 6 months before its implementation (albeit we have a General Election wedged in between this so who’s to say things may not change again?), and the doom and gloom that seems to always follow our industry (AWR, Public Sector Reforms all being the end of the contractor market as we knew it) goes into overdrive and full swing, its time we actually started to look at the positives to businesses regarding the Reform.

Whilst it is complete stupidity to suggest that there wont be a collective change to the industry, the current market intelligence is that only 10% of contractors (statistic courtesy of Qdos Contractor) have said they will leave the market. So the reality is that the market will continue to remain the same and if anything and as is always the case with industry reform will continue to once again grow once all is said and done.

Prepare and get ready

Orca Pay Group has been working alongside a number of Recruitment Agencies and Businesses throughout the last 6 months helping them to prepare and get ready for the Reform and one of the key facets we are encouraging our clients to do is to be proactive with the IR35 Reform. Here at Orca Pay Group we refer to ourselves as Strategic Partners, not a service provider, but an organisation that is playing a vital role in the strategic direction our clients take. We are the experts so it is our job to advise, educate and guide our clients in a manner that is going to benefit their business, which in turn enables them to educate their respective industry and clients and ensures their business is most importantly ready, but also continues to grow after the Reform takes effect!

Too often of late I have gone into potential new clients and heard them say that “my clients keep asking me what we’re going to do about the IR35 Reform, and actually I have no idea”. If you don’t, then why should they? This in turn is causing panic and an immediate reactive mindset and your business is on the back foot. The simple truth is that “your clients” expect you to be that strategic partner for them. They are looking for you to give them the direction that they require, so that they in turn can be prepared for the IR35 Reform. Yes some of your clients will be doing their own homework and have their own strategy for the IR35 Reform, but engaging your clients proactively will only mean higher levels of dialogue should this be the case. It can only ever be a positive when all parties are on the same page!

Have an Open Conversation

The key in actually being proactive is open conversations with your whole supply chain. Your end clients, your staff and your contractors. Do you currently have a strategy in place? If this strategy is agreed, are you openly discussing this with your end clients? Are you talking through this with your contractors? Do your employees know exactly what your strategy is going to be? We have a partnership with a client who has been ready for the past 3 months, they have had round table discussions with their clients, they have run IR35 Seminars for their contractors and every single employee knows the direction the business is going in. This hasn’t just enabled their business to be ready come April 2020, it has actually helped grow their business even more. How? The simple fact is that there are many businesses that are still not ready, and for those that aren’t the impact is that clients are actually giving more business to those who are, the simple security and safety of the proactive approach is of benefit to your clients now, its doesn’t just maintain your current relationship, it helps it grow.

The same can be said of your contractor work force. If you are not ready now, but your biggest competitor is, why as a contractor would I feel comfortable signing a renewal agreement with you, when your competitor is offering the same opportunity with complete clarity regarding their IR35 Reform direction. In turn they know exactly how this will affect them come April 2020. The reality is they won’t and then you start losing your biggest commodity, which is your talent!!

A great opportunity

The IR35 Reform doesn’t and shouldn’t be the constant doom and gloom the industry would have us all believe!! This is an opportunity to further engage with your clients, your contractors and your staff! It is the opportunity to position your brand and yourselves as a strategic partner to your clients and is a perfect opportunity to actually grow your business. Being proactive is being a leader, leadership always brings its own rewards!!!

Your Brand, your talent (contractors) and your staff are the hardest assets to keep, a simple mindset approach can ensure that you continue to flourish now and come April 2020!!

If you would like to discuss how we can help position your business so that it is ready for the IR35 Off-Payroll Reform or all things IR35 Education, call me directly on 07538 645 141 or email me at