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How does The Apex take care of payroll and compliance?

The Apex is an umbrella payroll solution and compliance management software rolled into one. By combining unrivalled visibility and rigorous validation processes with genuine ease of use, The Apex could be the ideal solution to your payroll and compliance challenges.

Our array of features and services offer an invaluable layer of protection against the Off-Payroll rules, enabling frictionless engagements between parties undeterred by risk. These include:

  • Unrivalled visibility: Our compliance management software keeps you in control with 24/7 access to comprehensive payroll records for your entire contingent workforce via a user-friendly dashboard.
  • Total transparency: Easily navigate through every invoice, payment cycle and contractor payment for complete traceability and confirmation of your compliance.
  • Official HMRC validation: Receive timestamped business tax statements from HMRC upon payroll submission, verifying that the correct tax is being paid.
  • Guaranteed compliant holiday pay processes: Keep contractors happy by providing their full holiday entitlement with a running total of sums paid and their remaining balance.
  • Real-time updates: Access invoice and payroll status updates in real-time and receive the necessary assurances that all payments are being made on-time.
  • Expert audits: Contracting tax specialists WTT Consulting provide independent compliance audit services each month, ensuring all payments are correct and legal obligations are met.

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And don’t just take our word for it.

Award-winning contracting tax advisors WTT Consulting conduct monthly, independent compliance audits of each payment made by Orca Pay Group, ensuring that every penny has been correctly accounted for and paid.

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